The Most Important Information on the Monorail Egypt Project
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The Most Important Information on the Monorail Egypt Project

The most important information on the Monorail Egypt project

What is Monorail?
Monorail is an electric train, walking on single iron bars implemented on a completely isolated overhead
track from the earth's surface and traffic intersections, and it's eco-friendly, and it doesn't cause exhaust
like the rest of the trains. Monorail is less expensive than subway, and it is fast and safe, So it can be
moved across the city, without causing a traffic overcrowding, or environmental pollution.

What is the difference between monorail, electric train, subway train?
Monorail walks on a single rail line, while the electric train and subway train walk on a double rail line.
The Egyptian state has moved towards the implementation of monorail, rather than the implementation
of new subway line projects, because monorail is less in terms of cost and time.

What is Egypt's plan to establish the Monorail project?
The Egyptian State announced the implementation of the Monorail project, in an effort to reduce
pressure on the streets and passage of Cairo, it will also be financed by an international concessional
loan from the Canadian Export Bank. At a cost of approximately Euro4.1 billion, the project's executing
companies will operate under the supervision of the National Expenditure Authority of the Ministry of
Transport, the planned speed of the Monorail is 80 km/h, with capacity for a quarter of a million
passengers per day, and the project will take place in two phases:
The first stage extends from the administrative capital to the stadium station in Nasr City with a length
of 54 km, with a flight time of 60 minutes.
The second phase extends from the city of 6 October to the Arab League Street and the Giza District of
Engineers with a length of 42 km, within a time period of 32 minutes.

What is the Monorail Egypt route?
1. Monorail Administrative Capital Route:
One of the main objectives of the project is to facilitate the movement between the administrative
capital and the cities of Greater Cairo. This route runs from the administrative capital to the stadium
station in Nasr City with a length of 54 km. The journey time is 60 minutes. The Monorail Administrative
Capital route has 21 stations, namely:
Stadium – Hisham Barakat – Nuri Khattab – Seventh District – Zakir Hussein – Free Zone – Al-Masheer
Tantawi – Cairo Festival – Choueifat – Air Force Hospital – Al Narges District – Mohamed Naguib –
American University – Emaar – Al Nafoura Square – Al Barwa – Middle Ring Road – Mohammed bin Zayed –
Regional Ring Road – Al-Massa Hotel – Al-Wazarat District – Administrative Capital2. Monorail Route 6

The Monorail 6 October itinerary has fewer stations than the administrative capital's 42-km itinerary,
32-minute flight time and 10 October Monorail 6 stations, namely:
6 October Industrial Zone – City – Al Hosary Mosque Station – October Station – Juhayna Square Station –
Zayed Station – Hyper Station – Alexandria Desert Road Station – Mansouriya Station – Ring Road Station –
League of Arab States Station

What is the timetable for the implementation of the Monorail Capital Administrative Project?
The Monorail Administrative Capital Project will be completed in about 3 years, while Monorail will be
completed 6 October in about three and a half years, from the date of contracting with the project's

How will the monorail ticket price be determined?
The appropriate price for the ticket will be determined jointly by the government and the coalition of
companies responsible for the operation of the project. The Monorail ticket will not be supported by the
state, but it will be determined economically to cover the cost of operation and maintenance. The state
will bear the cost of implementing the infrastructure of the Monorail Egypt lines.

Important information on the Monorail New Administrative Capital Project:
1. Monorail operates automatically, through a central controller.
2. Monorail is walking without a driver.
3. Screen Doors will be installed on the sidewalks in front of the train doors, to keep the road safe.
4. Monorail vehicles will be supplied with LCD screens, for use in providing passengers with information
about the flight, or commercially used in the broadcast of paid commercials.
5. Monorail has a special nature that is environmentally friendly, electrifying on the path of two