Fiber Optic Cables
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Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables
is a type of cable that is used as a high-speed data transmission through fiberglass or plastic threads,
extremely thin are inside protective casing and is able to transmit data over a long distance quickly and
with high efficiency compared to copper cables, Fiber optic cables are often used to support a lot of TV
systems telephones, telecommunications and Internet networks, in medical equipment, in military
communications, and also many other applications.
All of these are for uses based on fiber optic cables because they transmit data through light waves in
the sense that it transmits data very, very quickly, like the speed of light where it reaches 20 gigabits per
second in some types of cable However, fiber optic cables are considered to be more vulnerable than
metal cables, So it takes a good packaging to prevent damage, because often damaged fiber optic cables
are replaced by other cables, While on the contrary in copper cables can be divided and connected
when damaged, and for several times.

How do fiber optic cables "fiber" work?
Fiber optic cables can bend enough to capture light signals of curved tracks, using pulses of light,
generated through a small laser or light-emitting duo, where light flows through fiber optic wires that
are reflected repeatedly inside the walls.
The cable consists of several branches and each branch is made up of a very thin layer of glass, less than
half a millimeter, and in the middle of all these branches is a small particle called the heart, it is the
traffic route of light.
Each branch surrounds a layer of glass called inverter, working to reflect light inside, to avoid loss of
signal, and also allow light to pass through cable curves.
The inverter is wrapped with a protective casing mostly from reinforced plastic, to protect it from

What are the types of fiber optic cables?
There are two types of fiber optic cables, mono type and multi-fiber type, which are:
1- Monogram cables:
It is the simplest type of fiber optic cable, in which only one light signal is passed in each of the fiber
optic package, and is considered the fastest type in data transmission, used in the transmission of
internet network signals, phone and TV, and this type of cable can transmit data more than 100
kilometers in 60 miles.
2. Multi-fiber style cables:
These cables are approximately 10 times larger than monogrammed cables, in which many optical
signals are transmitted via a single optical fiber, and also light rays can cross in several different ways, so
many data can be transmitted in a short period, which makes their use better to connect computer

What are optical fiber applications?
Recently, optical fiber technology has become increasingly used, as it feeds a lot of diverse devices, and
can provide many diverse information, to give help in many aspects of life, and its use has become
necessary when creating or refurbishing infrastructure, for computer networks, TV, phones,
telecommunications networks and the Internet, and also its use in the medical and military fields.