Al-Haleem Contracting Company is one of the leader companies in fiber and communications services with a distinguished experience over twenty years to become one of the first-generation companies for integrated fiber cable installation services, and civil contracting works related to fiber projects in Egypt to provide services in the local market. With the aim of becoming your first choice, we are committed to provide the best quality of businesses and projects. We can achieve that by using the best products specialized in the sector of fiber cables, with the latest integrated technology for fiber cables and accessories, as well as modern solutions thereof.
All of what mentioned above are offered by us to our Customers by a technical staff with the highest level of vocational training and technical skills at the level of specialized engineers and technicians, who have specialized qualifications and experience as they use the latest modern technology systems and latest equipment in the sector of cable network that suit the projects of each Customer.
We provide services to our customers on the hands of a team of skilled engineers and technicians with the best training in security, safety, occupational health, safety for projects, and the preservation of everyone.



To provide the latest technological services and integrated solutions specialized in the fiber cable projects sector at the highest level and best quality, to support different corporations, companies, and communities in all sectors through preserving the most important feature distinguishing us, which is high quality in our work, in addition to providing maintenance and follow-up services completely.


The vision of Al Haleem Contracting can be clarified in making the company among the top list of companies working in the services of fiber cable networks projects within Egypt, the Middle East and Africa, through providing innovative solutions proper for each Customer’s needs.


To accomplish inclusive growth and development, through developing the infrastructure, as well as providing innovative solutions, to support the economy and communities by the latest technological patterns of high-quality matching with environmental conditions, to make a unique impact in terms of effective services, and reach the leadership therein for Customer’s satisfaction around the year. The Company is also committing to the liability principles towards the Community.


Al Haleem Contracting Company is aiming at becoming among the top 10 companies in the field of fiber and communications services in the region, through providing its services with high quality and value for fulfilling the needs of corporations and companies as well as the market’s requirements and this can be accomplished through the following: Keeping the best performance through coping with the continuous progress in technology. Serving innovative and creative solutions suiting the values of each Customer. Creating more development and progress, to preserve the future of our employees, in addition to our contribution to the development of our communities that we live in.




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